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2.May, 2015 Comments Off on A Wedding Photographer’s Dream Venues In Warwickshire

A Wedding Photographer’s Dream Venues In Warwickshire

Warwickshire is also known as Shakespeare county as this the bard’s birthplace. Warwickshire also boasts of stunning locales and venues perfect for big events mainly weddings. Some of the popular choices from a wedding photographer’s view are;

1. Draycote hotel: For its beautiful grounds and dramatic backdrop of Draycote river.
2. Warwick Castle: For its unmatched historic structure in the entire county. The castle provides a regal backdrop for wedding pictures
3. Wethele Manor: Charming farmhouse in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside for its relaxed atmosphere and completely open grounds.
4. Walton Hall: A 4 star luxury country retreat that resembles a location from a Merchant Ivory Film. Looks great from all angles and well lit grand rooms are an added bonus apart from the green lawns. Contact this wedding photographer from Warwickshire.
5. Mallory Court: For the perfect balance between informal and high class setup, it is a lovely michelin star hotel. It’s a quintessential English Country Side Hotel that hosts many wedding events.