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24.Jul, 2015 Comments Off on Strother archery –Extend your range

Strother archery –Extend your range

Strother-Archery-LogoStrother archery is the dealer of technology driven bows. Brian Park the president started this business due to his passion towards hunting, archery an outdoors. They are now in their fifth year and have a loyal customer base following .They boast of competitive advantage over their competitors due to their excellent designing and experimentation accuracy that they incorporate in their products .In the compound bows arena they sell products like

  • Vital IT
  • Moxie XIV
  • Wrath SHO
  • Rush XT
  • Hope
  • Moxie
  • Wrath

It boasts of innovative technology like

  • ZT-Loc-N- Zero-tolerance limb lock integrity,
  • Badger Cam II-Exceptional smooth draw force,
  • Super glide-No moving parts, reduced friction and minimal failure
  • Precision Limb Technology-Wide range and little maintenance, Dimension and defection tolerance

The goal at Strother archery is to build the best bow in the market. Customers agree that they have top-notch, reliable hi-tech quality bows that enable them to use the equipments easily with fun.


2.May, 2015 Comments Off on A Wedding Photographer’s Dream Venues In Warwickshire

A Wedding Photographer’s Dream Venues In Warwickshire

Warwickshire is also known as Shakespeare county as this the bard’s birthplace. Warwickshire also boasts of stunning locales and venues perfect for big events mainly weddings. Some of the popular choices from a wedding photographer’s view are;

1. Draycote hotel: For its beautiful grounds and dramatic backdrop of Draycote river.
2. Warwick Castle: For its unmatched historic structure in the entire county. The castle provides a regal backdrop for wedding pictures
3. Wethele Manor: Charming farmhouse in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside for its relaxed atmosphere and completely open grounds.
4. Walton Hall: A 4 star luxury country retreat that resembles a location from a Merchant Ivory Film. Looks great from all angles and well lit grand rooms are an added bonus apart from the green lawns. Contact this wedding photographer from Warwickshire.
5. Mallory Court: For the perfect balance between informal and high class setup, it is a lovely michelin star hotel. It’s a quintessential English Country Side Hotel that hosts many wedding events.


2.May, 2015 Comments Off on Help Yourself With A Self-Help CBT Course In London

Help Yourself With A Self-Help CBT Course In London

If you are one of those who feel you don’t need a psychiatrist telling you how to treat your mental illness, then you can benefit from an online self-help CBT course in London. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is now a widely used method to treat various psychological disorders such an anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and even addictions.

A session with a professional therapist for CBT Therapies, usually involves talking and methods that the patient need to incorporate on their own. So if you are able to learn it yourself and apply it, then you can eliminate the need for a therapist. You can also use it in addition to an ongoing treatment with a professional to speed up results. The course can be done online or downloaded and used. The advantage is that while it works out cheaper than paying your therapist, it can give you enough training to help yourself for life.